\u00c9galit\u00e9, a new Boulangerie in Milan<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

29 June 2018<\/strong> - Bakery, cafeteria, bistrot, the perfect place for aperitifs: a new French boulangerie opens in the heart of Porta Venezia Milan<\/p><\/div>


The Biscuiteers Xmas 2015 Collection<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

08 December 2015<\/strong> - Celebrate Christmas in style this year with the Biscuiteers range of festive hand-iced treats each specially designed and created for 2015. <\/p><\/div>


Pepito Grillo By Sandra Tarruella <\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

03 October 2014<\/strong> - For this new Project, Sandra Tarruella\u2019s team remodeled fully the existing premises, by working with high communication volumes designed based on a finishes\u2019 composition, as well as a topogra...<\/p><\/div>


Bottles' Congress by Tiago do Vale <\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

17 September 2014<\/strong> - The \u201cBottles\u2019 Congress\u201d project came as an answer to the very particular challenges presented by a wine and spirits store in unique circumstances.<\/p><\/div>


The Art Toast Project by Ida Frosk<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

07 July 2014<\/strong> - It is refreshing when a creative brings a fresh and inspiring angle to the fetishisation of food, such as in the work of Norwegian culinary innovator Ida Skivenes aka Ida Frosk. At the Art Toast Proje...<\/p><\/div>


Petit Comit\u00e8 Restaurant | Barcelona<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

19 February 2014<\/strong> - lagranja creates a relaxed contemporary atmosphere for Michelin starred chef Nandu Jubany\u2019s new restaurant. Located in the very heart of Barcelona \u2013 part of the Majestic Hotel Group \u2013 Petit Comi...<\/p><\/div>


Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli by Jinhyun Jeon<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

04 December 2012<\/strong> - Synesthesia comes from the ancient Greek \u03c3\u03cd\u03bd (syn), meaning together, and \u03b1\u03af\u03c3\u03b8\u03b7\u03c3\u03b9\u03c2 (aesthesis), meaning sensation and it is a neurological condition where stimulus to one sense can affect one or more of the other senses.<\/p><\/div>