Lucky Charm 2019 Polina Ellis<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

21 November 2018<\/strong> - The laces have been chosen to resemble the continuity of the \"mitus\", while in minimalist terms the 9 is written and a message is optimistic: with love and solidarity, with the help one gives to the o...<\/p><\/div>


MARBLE POUR HOMME by Yannis Sergakis & Ioanna Souflia<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

17 September 2018<\/strong> - Yannis Sergakis creates jewellery with gold and diamonds. Ioanna Souflia designs and builds jewellery based on marble.<\/p><\/div>


At the Herm\u00e8s Carr\u00e9 Club, the Silk Scarf Becomes an Artist\u2019s Canvas<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

16 September 2018<\/strong> - Since its debut in 1937, the Herm\u00e8s silk scarf\u2014known in French as the carr\u00e9, or \u201csquare\u201d\u2014has been as persuasive and endearing a symbol of luxury as anything Paris has produced.<\/p><\/div>


Crystal Facade of CHANEL Amsterdam Flagship Store by MRDV.<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

28 July 2016<\/strong> - MVRDV were commissioned to design CHANEL\u2019s flagship store in Amsterdam, which saw the architects replace...<\/p><\/div>


The passing of a Legend|Bill Cunningham<\/span><\/a><\/h3><\/div>

27 June 2016<\/strong> - Bill Cunningham, the New York Times\u2018 ubiquitous man-on-the-street photographer whose life and work was the subject of Richard Press\u2019 acclaimed 2010 documentary Bill Cunningham New York, died Saturday 25\/6 in New York at 87.<\/p><\/div>